Hello-Mein Presents...

The Storm Area 51 Show


Friday, September 20, 2019

Aliens are being freed from Area 51 earlier in the day, and

Hello-Mein has arranged transportation for a few of them to come Party with Humans. 

Some of their friends got word of what was happening and decided to join us in putting on the greatest party the Milky Way will see that night. 

Join us, dress in theme, and prepare to laugh and dance the night away with friends from across the galaxy.

Tickets on Sale Now | 21+ | 8pm

Venue: The Ritz - San Jose

400 South First Street, San Jose, Ca. 95113

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Set Times

  • 9:00pm      -    DJ Knives

  • 9:50pm      -    QuaCzar

  • 10:45pm    -    JARA X$X

  • 11:45pm    -    R-10

Lineup and Talent subject to change


***Grammy Nominated***

Ron Reeser


Frequently Asked Questions

Here's an answer to some of the most frequently asked question. If at the end you still have any questions, please get in touch with us!

Q: Will there be dancing aliens at the party?

A: Definitely, You can count on it!


...but for legal reasons we should clarify it will just be human performers in costumes, not actual non-human creatures from outer space. 

Q: Can I wear an alien or space costume too?

A: Absolutely! We encourage it, it'll help all friends from space feel welcome. However, full masks will not be allowed for security reasons. 

Q: If this is the greatest party in the galaxy why did Hello-Mein host this at a Club and not at a large arena like the Civic or the SAP Center? Why only $20 bucks??

A: Large venues force a chain reaction that brings price of tickets closer to $100 dollars. Hello-Mein is for the people and wanted to make this accessible to everyone. Intimate venue evens the playing field, first come first serve to experience an awesome night. We had the opportunity to house this party at several other venues and we strongly believed The Ritz to be the best location in the city. 

Q:Why San Jose and not San Francisco?

A: Have you tried to move around or park in San Francisco? Have you seen hotel rates there?? People from all over the country are coming to this party (seriously, look at the guest list. We've been contacted by groups from all over). The Ritz has easy parking all around it, tons of restaurants near it for prior to the party, and hotels within walking distance with extremely affordable rates. Again, we wanted this party to be accessible to everyone. 

Q: Where is the line up?

A: ^^^Scroll Up!^^^ 

Q: So what kind of music is being played?

A: We're not quiet sure what our alien friends like so the flavor is gonna vary by the artist, but we can promise you'll have some bass all up on your face, the energy is going to be high, and all of the artist are coming in hot!

Q: So where can I get my tickets!?

A: Tickets are available through Eventbrite, just click the link bellow~


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